Sun Java Certifications (Newbies)

Java is the most widely used technology worldwide and so understanding of the Java language has become a necessity in today's IT world. Java is quickly becoming the technology of the incoming world and about 70% of business entities' development projects are done through J2EE. To keep up with such a rapid growth, a java professional endlessly requires skills upgradation and certifications. Acquiring a Sun Java certification is a justification for higher compensation and promotions. Sun Java certifications give a difficult learning curve attached with an attractive compensation and recognition in the field. The Sun Certification helps present that you have the ability to do the job well. It also proves to be priceless during the time of recruitment when job seekers have same skill sets and job experience

Advantages of Becoming Sun Java Certified
  • Acquiring a Sun java certification will not only certify your expertise but will also upgrade your career and ability.
  • The Certification helps present that you have the ability to do the job well. It also proves to be priceless during the time of recruitment when job seekers have same skill sets and job experience.
  • Gaining a Sun Java certification is an excellent credential that can become a main critical determining element because the java domain is viewed as difficult.
  • By becoming a Sun Certified Associate you have a base set of knowledge that enables entry into a career in application development or software project management using Java technology.
  • Sun certification train developers on a foundational set of skills, which can then be validated by becoming a Sun Certified Programmer.
  • Afterwards, you can pursue advanced or specialty training and certifications that help enable career growth into more specific job roles making you more valuable to an organization.

About Sun Certifications

Sun offers various Java technology professional certifications like Sun Certified Java Associate (SCJA), Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP), Sun Certified Java Developer (SCJD), Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD), Sun Certified Business Component Developer (SCBCD), Sun Certified Developer For Java Web Services (SCDJWS), Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer (SCMAD), Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA)

Exam Structure and Cost of Sun Certifications

Registration for Sun Java Certifications
To register for Sun Java certification courses, obtain an exam voucher from Sun Educational Services, local office. Once you obtain the voucher, it can then be redeemed by signing up for the test at Prometric which is done by making an appointment for specific date and time. The voucher cannot be refunded back for your money, but it can be transferred. You must complete your exam within one calendar year of your paid registration date or your funds will be forfeited.

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Nimesh Kumar said...

When preparing for java certification, you must practice mock exams to check your readiness. You can check out some free java certification mock exams to practice. provides 500+ free practice questions with web based exam simulator, and most importantly, you can save your test session and later try only incorrectly answered question.

Sutar said...


Please specify to me for sun enterprize architect exam.
How we qualify 3 steps of that paper.
I had no idea about it.
& how to go step by step.
please guide me.


sathish said...

i'm sathish...working in java struts...
i wish to do certification...
can anyone please suggest me?

- sathish

islam said...

Dear Sir,

It is necessary that one can pass these cetification one by one or at a rendom manner

The fee is not visible, please specify that

BomezzZ said...

Thank you to suggest your blog.
It's useful.


avtar said...

I am Avtar Singh Badwal, Fresh MCA, willing to build the Carrier in java programming but not geting understand what to do among the different types of java technologies, as i hv exellent prog. skill,
so if any body hv the ans 4 me then please help me........

ismail said...

Hey I have some
Q1)doubt i wanna do my masters from US and I am in dilemma to whether go for Sun Java Certifications or not ?

Q2)If I wanna do certifications I wanna do in Core Java only and where shall i register that ? How much it will cost me ?

Eagerly waiting for your reply..

TheRohan said...

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